Film Directors with their Shirts Off

Number Two in an occasional series.

Martin Scorsese.


Ladies — control yourselves!

7 Responses to “Film Directors with their Shirts Off”

  1. That’s Stephen Prince with Marty in the tub. It’s a scene from American Boy – a marvelous little documentary he did about Prince. A nephew of Abe Lastfogel aad a roadie for Neil Diamond, Prince played the gun dealer who sells his wares to DeNiro’s Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. It’s also obvious from the documentary that he was the partial inspiration for DeNiro’s “Johnny Boy” in Mean Streets. He’s had quite a wild ride in his very curious life.

  2. This doc, which I’ve wanted to see for ages, never seems to be available, and now I download it and then find it online too! It’s the only product of Marty’s 70s output to have been unavailable for so long. It would have made sense for it to appear on the collection of student films and documentary shorts.

    Prince also appears in the 70s documentary about Scorsese, Movies Are My Life, in which he spins hilariously nonsensical accounts of his first meeting with MS. Any idea what’s become of him now?

  3. The kast time I talked to Marty he said Prince had been in rehab and had put his life back together.

  4. Johnny Boy was something else in Mean Streets, seeing that movie in the mid-Seventies changed my life, Swear to God. If Prince is anything like Johnny Boy he’s gotta be some kind of character.

  5. Johnny Boy was also based a bit on Scorsese’s uncle, I think he said. Scorsese Snr was always trying to keep his brother out of trouble.

    I wish Prince well, he’s an incredibly entertaining fellow.

  6. Also Marty’s brother.

    The one nobody talks about.

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