The Sexy Duke

From that paean to aerial eroticism, JET PILOT.

Sexy Week draws to its close with that slightly sore feeling. You may all put your clothes on and return to your lives.

22 Responses to “The Sexy Duke”

  1. Since you’ve chosen to draw the curtain on Sexy Week, I’d like to commemorate by contributing two clips featuring Miriam Hopkins. The first is from The Story of Temple Drake, the other from The Smiling Lieutenant. In the latter you have this incredible dynamic between Hopkins and Claudette Colbert, where they end up singing “Jazz Up Your Lingerie” before parting. As for the other film, Carlos Clarens in his book Crime Movies describes it as follows:

    “A curious piece of Southern Gothic, all brooding light effects, the film succeeded in creating its own run-down world of oversexed heroines, demon lovers, half-wits, prostitutes, and poor-white moonshiners.”

    Miriam is magical in both.

    By the way, Temple Drake was shot by Karl Struss, who prior to this did Murnau’s Sunrise and The Island of Lost Souls.

  2. Duke of Earl? So THAT’S what they’re singing. I always thought it was “Dooga Boil” for some reason.

    Miriam Hopkins is aces and it’s now my life’s mission to get The Story of Temple Drake. Sanctuary meets No Orchids for Miss Blandish.

    I wanted to pick something from one of my recent Lubitsch acquisitions, and that scene is hysterical, but I ended up getting distracted by Love me Tonight, again, in which Mamoulian out-Lubes the Lubemeister.

  3. I have a copy on DVD, if you want me to burn one and send it to you, let me know.

  4. Oh, and notice Miriam gets slapped in both clips!

  5. She’s the Queen of Slap.

    YES, I want it! Will trade you something if you like.

  6. Absolutely, I’d like to upgrade my copy of They Drive by Night (the British one, of course).

  7. Great clip of Miriam and “Uncle Claude” — who really enjoyed that kiss I’m sure.

  8. My apologies for such a radical change of subject, but I noticed no one has mentioned the passing of Edie Adams, whose beauty and comedic gifts were the qualities Ernie found most alluring, I’m sure.

  9. Glad you entioned her. All the obits spoke of her “Muriel Cigar” ads. She and Ernie Kovacs were quite a team. Solo she had a songs and comedy act. She specialized in imitating Marilyn Monroe.

    Mankiewicz cast her in The Honey Pot (an “autumnal masterpiece” if there ever was one) as a character called “Merle McGill” who is clearly Mankiewicz’s vision of what Monroe might have been liked had she survived and “married well.” Interesting Adams didn’t imitate Monroe as she did in clubs and on TV in doing the part. She cut quite a striking figure in a cast that included Rex Harrison, Cliff Robertson, Maggie Smith, Susan Hayward and Capucine.

  10. Am keen to someday see The Honey Pot, and it always frustrated me that we never got to see Ernie Kovacs’ show in the UK. I guess there must be some on YouTube now though — I’ll belatedly check it out.

    Absolutely delighted to copy They Drive for you, Guy.

  11. My email address is on my site, you can provide me with a mailing destination there. My thanks.

  12. Adams is also pretty terrific in here …

    Frankly, though, I’m troubled with the notion of ending Sexy Week with Duke Wayne. Talk about a splash of cold water! Maybe it’s the ’60s in me, but … I have the greatest difficulty placing the words “Wayne” and “sexy” in the same sentence.

    When forced to think of Wayne in an erotically appealing context, all I could think was the storm scene in “Quiet Man” and this …

  13. And Ernie really cooking with gas with his Kitchen Symphony

    I’m sorry his “Conceto For Orchestra” isn’t on YouTube. I hope it;’s available on home video. He took Bartok’s entire piece and “scored” it visually with an enormous set of the face of an apartment building. The cmaera was on a crane and a dolly and moved about looking though windows to observe very Magritte-like tableau vivants.

  14. That sounds amazing. And the clips here are astonishing.

  15. Chris,
    About The Duke, I recall something my mother said when I was young, and she was still alive: “He could park his shoes next to my bed anytime.” Although he was firmly right of center, part of me understands the appeal he had once upon a time.

  16. My own mother finds him quite winning in his youthful days. And Louise Brooks thought him absolutely breathtaking when she worked with him that one time (he was on the rise, she on the way down).

  17. Overland Stage Raiders. Alas she’s not in the trailer.

  18. She has long hair in that one (which she kept the rest of her life), still looks great, and has no problem handling the dialogue.

    A shame Hawks didn’t make the effort to use her again…

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