Pin-Up of the Day: Pamela Green

Thanks to David Ehrenstein for this rare image. Pamela Green reports that she did indeed appear topless in PEEPING TOM, and that the scene was still in the film at the premiere, where the marquee billed her as a new star of the British cinema. Sadly, as is well documented, PEEPING TOM was regarded as a disgrace by the British press and Green returned to soft-porn nudie films. And the topless shot vanished, presumably into the hands of the thieving Nazi who’s got Arletty’s vanished shower scene from LE JOUR SE LEVE. I hope he goes blind.

It’s perhaps worth protesting that Powell’s British career was ALREADY in a mess before this failure — HONEYMOON, a fascinating but genuinely messed-up movie had disappointed those who had been interested in what Powell would do without Pressburger. Since the later P&P films had, in many cases not done so well, the failure of this films was of huge significance. And Anglo-Amalgamated, the studio produced PEEPING TOM, was a low-rent bottom-of-the-barrel exploitation outfit: Powell’s agreeing to work there sent a message to the industry that he was washed up.

Over at Pamela Green’s charming website, you can read the true story of Powell’s attempt to blind her, and admire some more “views” in this style:

You won’t be doing the crossword tonight!

Pam could not only show skin, she could show it in a variety of shades! Possibly a still from NAKED AND BLACKED-UP AS NATURE INTENDED.

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  1. I should like to point out that the still of Pamela Green was culled from Motion’s Companion to Sadism and Violence in the Cinema, written largely by the late, great Raymond Durgnat. The cover of that special issue was appropriately graced with a close up of Barbara Steele in Black Sunday.

  2. [stifling any number of other responses]

    Sounds like that volume shoulda had a preface by Kenneth Tynan.

  3. Very little about spanking in it so Ken wouldn’t have been interested.

  4. For some time, under James Ferman’s directorship, the BBFC banned all sexually-motivated spanking from films, and I think the US censors did likewise. So there wouldn’t have been much to write about the subject. Although spanking as “unerotic” punishment was apparently fine.

    Based on the porno movie Tynan wanted to produce (to star Robert Stephens and Romy Schneider — the former agreed), his interests did stretch beyond just cp, though. “Do you think Miss Schneider would object to having her anus licked?” asked Tynan, to which Stephens spluttered, “Well…I don’t know…I mean, it’s not her tongue, is it?”

  5. YIKES! That query brings to mind Romy’s great laughing fit in Visconti’s Ludwig.

  6. There is one scene in Peeping Tom that has always struck me. It’s the one where he goes upstairs above the shop to photograph the girls, and they’re all dolled up in their best saucy gear. But I recall there was one in front of a window, and she was turned in side profile, and as she turned and is seen in full face, the side presented is bruised. His response to her face, he’s both astonished and aroused, this shot amazes me in its orchestration. Another one I have to pull out and look at again.

  7. Amazing scene. Boehm is particularly good in it. And it’s one of those scenes that obviously has to do with his scoptophilia but the exact nature of his interest in this girl isn’t clear.

    Actually, I think you may be conflating the bruised girl with the girl with the deformed lip.

  8. Again, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. Deformed as opposed to bruised, all the better in underlining the true perversity of it all. I was thinking that perhaps she’d been beaten by a john or a pimp.

  9. I think it’s two different bits: Pam saying, casually, “You can fix it so the bruises don’t show,” because she’s been roughed up by her boyfriend, and her friend who’s new to the game, and who expects to be shot in profile because of her lip, but Boehm is fascinated. “It’s my first time too,” he tells her, mysteriously.

  10. meisteryak Says:

    More details about Pamela Green can be found on her website / blog. Well worth checking out Features a great article on Peeping Tom.

  11. La Faustin Says:

    Did you know they FOUND the Arletty shower footage? It’s in the copy of Le Jour Se Lève streaming on Amazon Prime (!).

  12. Yes, and I still haven’t seen it! Though I later saw Arletty in an earlier nude scene in Un Soir de Reveillon.

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