Pin-Up of the Day: Martine Beswick

Appreciation of ONE MILLION BC happens in three stages. First, as a child, one watches it purely for the dinosaurs. Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion saurians are marvellous — they breathe (with the aid of inflating bladders), snarl (with the sound of slow-motion cats hissing) and die, agonizingly.

Later, revisiting it in adolescence, one is transfixed by the spectacle of Raquel Welch in a fur bikini as a cavegirl with false eyelashes. She may be “silicone from the knees up,” as one disgruntled makeup artist put it, but if so, it’s beautifully distributed.

Finally, in adulthood, one returns to the primordial plains and finds one’s interest drawn primarily to… Martine Beswick. She-vixen bitch goddess queen!

Now you are a man, my son.

(Follow the link.)

From Bond Girl to cavegirl to transexual Hyde, Martine B provided glamour and hauteur to British genre film for some years, and even played a major role — the Queen of Evil — in Oliver Stone’s first film (his best?), SEIZURE.

Wikipedia reports, of her recent activities: “She also owns a successful removals business in London.” Uplift by Beswick?

Lined up and ready to watch, I have THE PENTHOUSE, directed by Peter Collinson (THE ITALIAN JOB). The prospect of another Beswick performance to enjoy is so enticing that I keep postponing the pleasure of watching it… And I normally have pretty weak impulse control when it comes to movies. But I know there’s a relatively small number of Beswicks to enjoy…

12 Responses to “Pin-Up of the Day: Martine Beswick”

  1. I always heard that “Slave Girls”-a.k.a.-“Prehistoric Women” was the one to look for. Would give the impression that it’s “Son of One Million Years B.C.”, only with Beswick moved up to the leading role.

    (I remember learning, back in my Famous Monsters of Filmland days, that one distinguished the latter version by the fact that it has a superfluous “Years” in its title.)

    I’m also surprised to learn, via IMDb, that Beswick has appearances in both “Melvin and Howard” and “Miami Blues.”

  2. Slave Girls is hilariously awful. A shame, because it could have been her big break — she was excited about not playing second fiddle to la Welch. It could almost serve as a camp lassic except it’s bit boring. From that period when Hammer was making ineptly mis-structured nonsense, under the guidance of Tony Carreras, writer-producer-director-idiot.

    Fan photos show Beswick still looking great, although her last role was mid-90s.

  3. The video isn’t working any more, apparently. So I’m just sitting here with a racing heart for nothing. Sigh.

  4. You can see it by following this link:

  5. Shadowplay’s giving me a week of excessive blood flow, and I thought this was a family blog.

  6. It’s not your blood that should be flowing. Consult a doctor.

  7. She’s quite good in John Duigan’s very classy film version of Wide Sargasso Sea

  8. Yes, and she’s good casting for that kind of thing. A pity she didn’t get cast in some good upscale bodice-rippers earlier on.

  9. david wingrove Says:

    In an interview, Martine said her favourite role was as a glamorous witch (can’t you just see it?) in an Italian sex-and-horror movie called IL BACIO (THE KISS). It was made by an opera director named Mario Lanfranchi and allegedly had stunning sets and costumes.

    I’ve seen a few stills – and they are indeed exquisite! However, I don’t know anyone who’s seen the film, it’s not available on DVD and it may – alas – be lost altogether.

    Has anyone got any leads?

  10. Let’s try the bittorrents!


    Karagarga has two Lanfranchis for download, which are
    Sentenza di morte AKA death sentence
    Mario Lanfranchi 1968 Cult Western
    Gabriel Peres: La Messe de Notre Dame

    But no La Bacio alas.

  12. kribolik Says:

    temps benit ou la pin up toujours belle jamais vulgaire

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