Prescription for Violence!!!

“Keep out of the reach of children.”

I dropped by my local pharmacists to collect this movie. Being a Leith pharmacy, they mainly deal in methadone, which apparently is the new wonder drug. Everybody around here’s taking it! It’s ALL THE RAGE. Apparently, it’s even more addictive than heroin, but morally superior since it doesn’t make you feel good. Amazing what they can do nowadays.

Asides from the groaning shelves at Rodgers & Son Pharmacy, the other main evidence of methadone consumption in the area is the empty bottles which fly from tower block windows at 4am, shattering on the pavement with the exact sound made by a cartoon bear crashing through a plate glass window.

But my pharmacist also dispenses movies.

“As with drugs, the cure for movies was… more movies.” ~ Martin Scorsese.

To explain: my oldest friend sometimes works in that pharmacy, so I drop in and see him, and sometimes we swap movies. It was I who told him of the existence of BRUISER (pictured), since he and his small son have already watched all the Romero zombie films together, so I bear some of the responsibility for his having shelled out for this turkey.

6 Responses to “Prescription for Violence!!!”

  1. one of my fave film plots involves a put upon temp diverting the entire Scottish methadone budget into a numbered swiss bank a/c…

    we’re hoping to show two Yiddish Edgars by the way – Grine felder and fishke der krumer (called in English The
    > Light ahead

  2. Think what they could do with that methadone budget! Really they should just hand out heroin, which would bolster the Afghan economy too.

    Pleased to hear about the Edgar Ulmer mini-retrospective, I’ll try and come along to those.

  3. It should be in the spring so enough time to clear your diary !

  4. Maybe I can track down some more interesting Yiddish cinema via Shadowplay.

  5. Brandeis uni seems to have the biggest collection fyi

  6. Do they have a catalogue? I bet they do…

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