An affray in Malaya

“I remember how indirectly and casually we three men got onto the subject of dissociated personality that evening in Stephen Elliot’s flat.”

Wordsworth Editions are re-printing and selling, at highly competitive rates, some rather lovely Victorian and Edwardian gothic fiction. It varies in quality from high art to high camp. I like both, of course, but have a particular fondness for the ludicrously purple stuff.

“On his face I surprised for an instant just the twisted kind of grin that I had seen on the face of a man stabbed in an affray in Malaya.”

~ D.K. Broster.

“A portrait of Althea Swarthmoor hangs in the library of the House with Eleven Staircases. She is depicted (by Kneller’s brush) as a tall, thin woman of about thirty, somewhat sallow in the matter of complexion, and with deerhound eyes. Her crisp black hair is drawn plainly from an admirably arched brow, and there is a perplexed look about her lips.”

~ R. Murray Gilchrist.

4 Responses to “An affray in Malaya”

  1. Yep, the floating head of death again. The head without a thing. Mine’s from the very barmy Blind Beast.

  2. As I said before, “Only Arthur Frayn from ZARDOZ is allowed to pull a stunt like that in my household. And even then, only once a year, on his birthday.” But as it’s MY birthday on Friday, I’ll allow this.

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