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Ooh, Guernica!

Posted in FILM with tags , , on October 1, 2008 by dcairns


Yes, “Ooh, Guernica!” That’s what I said when I realised this was on YouTube, “The Tube Youse Uses To View”. The film of the painting of the event. By turning Picasso’s entire pre-Guernica output into a kind of strip-cartoon narrative, with Guernica as the climax, the film, using edits and sound, achieves all kinds of effects which I’m still trying to process. One revelation is the idea of Guernica’s rawness being a kind of traumatic reaction to the horrors of war, a stylistic shift in Picasso’s work triggered by all those bombs. I probably remember such a thing from my art history classes at school, but here it’s rendered viscerally.

I love Resnais’ early documentaries, those few I’ve managed to see with translation. Reading the surtitles in this one demands a small amount of mental recalibration — I find myself continually trying to read the subtitles instead, which were less helpful.

The clips seem to be extremely slow to buffer, at least on my ‘puter. Suggest clicking both of them on and then taking a bath. By the time you’re towelled off and powdered, they should be ready to go, and you will be nicely relaxed! Shadowplay — organising your viewing AND your personal hygiene.