La Fin du Babelfish

I found one review online of Julien Divivier’s LA FIN DU JOUR, suggesting that there may be an official DVD release out there somewhere (there are these nice screen grabs) though I can’t find anything on Unfortunately, the review is written in French, and in a way calculated to defeat Altavista Babelfish completely. I like some of the sentences that result though:

“And for us refiler this evil which to obviously tapped the brain him, Duvivier was not there with the back of the spoon.” Rather a lovely image: “Not there with the back of the spoon.” Why don’t we have this common phrase or saying in English? It must be incredibly useful, whatever the hell it means.

Then there’s “…l’eternal lining in eternal representation, with this band of scouts, for him, true cure of youth, is not used for nothing considering early late to the mortal is a prelude to with large nothing imposes itself in large pumps…” which is both poetic and horrible.

And then, hang onto your hats: “…the elegant actor who to carburize in the middle – still that one, his wife having left it and even joined the paradise to have believed that Saint-Clearly could give him on ground, does not function any more that on a half-ventricle -, and with honesty – never indeed, it will not disavow Racine, Shakespeare and their tragedies out of time when well even those, considered to be obsolete by the public, are worth to him most strict of lonelinesses -, nails the nozzle in Saint-Clearly of any hair.”

Even the punctuation is a joy. What’s exceptional is that not only can I not figure out if the reviewer likes the film (not the most important issue but often a basic one), I can’t figure out anything he’s saying at all. He has successfully gutted the Babelfish.

Anyhow, copies of LA FIN DU JOUR are still being given away gratis here if you declare yourselves in the Comments section and say you want one. Also, I’m going to review it myself here in a week or so, so watch ’em if you got ’em and you can join the love-in.

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