Inside The Shadowplayhouse #1

Yes, I’m home!

Our stair. An appealing cherry red, in this image, illumined by flash-bulb. The human eye finds it normally darker:

Without the flash, it becomes the kind of place David Lynch would reject as “too disturbing”. Add, in your minds, the echoing slam of doors, distorted electronica filtering through walls, and the desperate barking of savage dogs. Not that I’m playing on anyone’s sympathy here.


4 Responses to “Inside The Shadowplayhouse #1”

  1. Hello David. I had to find a place to put this comment so I chose here. Just wanted to bring to your attention a music video a friend forwarded to me. I call it “If David Lynch had made Little Miss Sunshine”:

  2. In the event it doesn’t come up, key in: MGMT The Youth

  3. It’s nice, but I think he cuts too much. Lynch would let the images linger to emphasise the strangeness. It feels almost…normal, because it’s cut like every other music vid. Well, slower than some. But it would be great if he really pushed it.

  4. You’re absolutely right about the cutting. I was amused when I first saw it due to their apparel, it’s like Glam Rock with a bit of Eighties New Wave tossed into the mix, or vice versa. Maybe the purple curtain behind them reminded me of Lynch’s Blue Velvet one. And that merry-go-round they’re on, combined with their utter solemnness. Speaking of New Wave apparel, I recall reading once how someone described George Miller’s Road Warrior as Heavy Metal versus New Wave, the bikers (HM) against those in the camp (NW). Andrew Sarris liked this film. He compared it to Ford’s Stagecoach, no doubt because of the attack on the tanker. I had no interest in seeing the film until I had read Sarris’ write-up in The Village Voice back then.

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