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Necronomical in Milan

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So, according to the presumably reliable and indispensible, Antonioni isn’t buried in Milan, but in Ferrara. And Luchino Visconti, a native of Milan, isn’t buried there either. Though he does have his own street:

So who IS buried in Milan? The only name I could find on findagrave with a movie connection was Pina Menichelli, a once-famous vamp of the silver screen whose most famous film today is surely Giovanni Pastrone’s epic proto-peplum CABIRIA — but she only has a small role in that one. She’s supposedly buried at the church of San’ Ambrogio, along with a couple of actual saints. Somehow I don’t think Meg Ryan will get that kind of a classy plot. I shambled over to the basilica to see if I could find any trace of Pina.

Crumbling corpse alert! It’s not Pina though, just Saint Imbruglia himself, or whatever his name is. With “friend”. I’m not 100% sure Pina’s in the crypt, to be honest, but they don’t let you go in and rummage so it’s hard to know for sure. Still slightly startling to see a prostrate zombie on public view like this — the picture doesn’t do him justice.

Here I am with another Italian starlet.

Silvana Mangano, who was so successful she had two metals named after her, silver and manganese. In Hollywood, only Sharon Stone has had similar geological acclaim.

Ecstasy of Gold

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Got a kick out of seeing this on YouTube, thought I’d share. My very favourite Ennio Morricone track, Ecstasy of Gold from THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY. Nothing beats the sight of Eli Wallach, as a supposedly hardboiled Mexican bandito, sprinting round a vast wheel-shaped graveyard on Mauritius, in an incongruously effeminate, unhealthful and gingerly fashion, as Morricone freaks out on the soundtrack. It was nice to see how those transcendent noises were generated.

Somebody said Morricone’s score for A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS sounded like a cross between Duane Eddy and Puccini recorded in someone’s bathroom, a phrase that’s always stuck with me (thanks to Sir Christopher Professor Frayling for quoting it). While the live version misses those little studio touches of reverb and amplified pizzicato strings, it still gives me goosebumps.

Inside The Shadowplayhouse #1

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Yes, I’m home!

Our stair. An appealing cherry red, in this image, illumined by flash-bulb. The human eye finds it normally darker:

Without the flash, it becomes the kind of place David Lynch would reject as “too disturbing”. Add, in your minds, the echoing slam of doors, distorted electronica filtering through walls, and the desperate barking of savage dogs. Not that I’m playing on anyone’s sympathy here.