Off to Milano…

Hope to post regularly while I’m there. Have some stuff saved up in case I don’t get time.

Me on my last trip.

The palatial meat market where I’ll be staying.

8 Responses to “Off to Milano…”

  1. Congrats!

    Oh! Try and catch STILL ORANGUTANS whilst you’re there and let me know how it is.

  2. Milan invariable brings to mind the roof of the Cathedral in Rocco and his Brothers.

  3. To me it reminds me of Antonioni’s first film. He was a Milanese himself.

  4. True. And a champion tennis player.

  5. Yeah. He sold his tennis trophies to finance ”Il Grido”.

    He’s buried in a cemetery there I think. If I ever visit there, I’d like to pay respects if that would be possible. I never met the man but his films mean the world to me.

  6. I first met him the night Zabriskie Point premiered in New York. I last met him when he came here to L.A. for the re-premiere of The Passnger. He could no longer speak, but he gestured quite amusingly as Jack Nicolson talked about the film. A remarkable man as well as a great artist.

  7. OK, now I have a mission to seek out the cemetery and photograph the grave. Prove he’s dead.

    I’ll report back.

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