Good News, Everybody!

The Milan Film Festival just got in touch and asked me to come over, at their expense, on Friday. Not that I have a new film to show, nor are they aware of my blogging activities or other journalistic efforts. No, it’s just that after they showed CRY FOR BOBO, it was judged such a hit that they showed it again a couple of years later in their anniversary year, and invited me over to be there. And now they consider me one of “their” filmmakers, and apparently like having me around (Lord knows why).

On my last stay I was accommodated at the Filmmakers’ House, a former factory that had been gutted and equipped with makeshift beds. Since the hostel doubled as a party venue, and since I don’t sleep easily in strange locales anyway, I didn’t actually sleep at all during the week I was there. This induced a slightly strange state, but it didn’t hamper my enjoyment of my waking hours. Milan is beautiful, and warm, and the audiences were warm too — the most enthusiastic and generous crowd I’ve ever come across. Their applause was intoxicating, and made me almost anxious — it seemed heady and possibly addictive. Also, the sentimental Italian character actually reinterpreted the film so that it played quite differently in Milan than elsewhere. I think of it as a reasonably cynical, cruel film, with a sweet aftertaste. The Milanese audience were just on Bobo’s side all the way through and never seemed to feel anything but love for him. Their laughter was always affectionate.

The trip will slow me down as far as mailing out DVDs for the Great Duvivier Giveaway, but I’ll still be blogging as much as possible. And there are lots of discs in the post RIGHT NOW, spinning like transatlantic frisbies and also heading to France, Switzerland and Jordan (more countries, please!).

Anyhow, this year the Filmmakers’ House is no longer an old factory, it’s a disused art-deco meat market. So that should be much better.

9 Responses to “Good News, Everybody!”

  1. Congratulations! Will you be mingling with any stars whilst you are there?

  2. NICE!
    It must be the Pagliacci at the end that swung them.
    “Cry For Bobo2:Missed Me!”

  3. At one point I was pitching a feature length version… but it was sort of like The day the earth Stood Still at the same time. Didn’t really get very far with that.

    The star I want to mingle with is Terry Gilliam. And then there should be some other interesting people to hang about the meat market with. The Scottish animator I met last time I was out got herself Oscar-nominated.

  4. ooh a filmmaker doss house … I’ll suggest it at you know where for next year…

    god I hope the weather in Milan is a bit more cheerful and drier than here. Is F going?

  5. The doss-house idea is fine except for the sleep deprivation angle, and the fact that it doubles as a party venue.

    Fiona can’t go, alas. maybe you guys can get together for tea and crumpets while I’m away. I’ll copy that Ulmer for you.

    Weather supposed to be warm but also possibly wet. I’ll settle for that, happily. Beats wet and freezing.

  6. Terry Gilliam is an utterly delightful human being.

    Have fun!

  7. I’ve seen him at several Q&As and he’s always very enjoyable. Slightly economical with the truth, or rather generous with fantasy, but in a Wellesian way that’s very appealing.

  8. wet but warm is doabe if you have a waterproof coat/ umbrella and can get dry – cinemas are ideal for that…

  9. Yeah, I was gonna be hardcore and just take summer stuff, but I’ll probably pack some weatherproofing.

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