VHS = Very Hot Stuff

Here it is — the actual VHS tape, personally pirated from another VHS tape, briefly liberated from the Lindsay Anderson Archive, from which all your DVDs of LA FIN DU JOUR are copied.

Keep those requests rolling in! Remember, we are rewriting film history here. For every person who see LA FIN DU JOUR, a mighty set of heavenly scales will tip slightly in the direction of a reassessment of a whole period of French cinema. If everybody who gets a copy of the film from me shows another person, and that person shows another person, within seconds everybody in the human race will have seen this neglected classic. It’s simple trigonometry.

11 Responses to “VHS = Very Hot Stuff”

  1. How sad, looking wistfully out the window hoping to go and play in the park with the other cassettes (and hopefully not get beat up by those cruel and shiny laserdiscs).

    But no, it has to stay indoors and take another dubbing from its parents.

  2. I’d love a copy of La Fin du Jour! Please send it to me at:

    Thanks! And if you post my request, please don’t show my address. Also, please sign my request “nitrate.” Here’s hoping the disc arrives before the image decays any more.

    Marshall Deutelbaum

  3. Have emailed you.

    swac, on the other hand, that humble tape actually towers over the neighbouring buildings, so it’s not all bad.

  4. How could one videotape be responsible for so much joy?

  5. Beats me!

    Has anybody watched the damn thing yet? Maybe folks are waiting for me to raise the subject?

  6. jareddriskill Says:

    I have been a silent RSS feed subscriber for a several months now. May i please get a copy of this fine film even though I’m a lousy american? Or am I too late?

    My address is

    would you be kind to not post my address in the comment section? Thanks!

  7. I’ve not previously heard of this film, and what you’ve said has gotten me interested. Do you know if there are any plans for a formal DVD release or is it going to languish in forgotten movie hell forever?

  8. And can I be cheeky and request a copy:

    Ben Dutton
    York House
    1 York Place
    LL32 8AB


  9. Of course! I’ll get onto it when I get back to Edinburgh on Wednesday.

    As far as official releases goes, it had a VHS release in France many years ago, so a DVD from there seems possible, but subtitles are unlikely. So I want to raise its profile until an American or British release occurs!

  10. Hi … Received my copy today and immediately watched it. Lovely film, very charming, with a terrific, increasingly creepy turn by Jouvet … Thanks again for making it available …

  11. Glad you enjoyed it! I came back from Italy with a copy of Jouvet’s bible story, Golgotha. Will report on it later.

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