This is from my collage period. Lasted about a year, that one. Compared to my puppet-making period, that’s quite a long time.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on ending my blogging period anytime soon. It’s wrapped up in my film-loving side, which isn’t a period, so much as a permanent lobe.

I’ll post a few of these as the week goes on. I was reminded off them as I was posting out DVDs, and one of them was the perfect size for the envelope, so I sent it to regular Shadowplayer Douglas Noble, since he’s a cartoonist.

The next pointless thing to do is take some pictures of my puppet collection and post those.

8 Responses to “SpermQueen”

  1. What about your comics period?

  2. I seem to recall birthday collages for a certain McLaren. With questionable, therefore suitable hilarious, content.

  3. Yup, those were the same collages.

    I’ll get round to sticking some of my comics up, I’m sure. Or maybe do new ones. Have a comics-themed treat to post soon anyhow…

  4. Indeed I have a drawer dedicated to this Nazi-Winalot-Muslim gold. Guaranteed to render the viewer helpless and informed.

  5. Fiona was aghast that I was putting these online. “I’m not going to use any of the really offensive ones,” I protested.

    “Oh, so ‘Why the Queen is fond of Hitler’s sperm’ isn’t offensive?”

    “Not compared to ‘David B*ckh*m p**d in e*e of h******** s******r’!”

  6. The one that I got reads:

    “Je t’aime” boozy spear carrier of Cannes!

    It’s on the mantelpiece now, in pride of place.

  7. Ah, the Peter Mullan tribute.

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