The Very Living End

Extremely poor quality copies of Julien Duvivier’s LA FIN DU JOUR are now winging their ways across the globe. I’ve improvised packaging in an attempt to protect them on their voyages. But which lucky person will be receiving THIS artfully-designed version?

Thirteen discs have been mailed on Monday and Tuesday, one batch UK-wide, the other American. It’s the Irish who are losing out, as usual, but I hope to address that, and them, tomorrow.

Realised when it was too late that I should have sent four discs to one address in London, and had all the Londoners meet up to collect them. The first Shadowplay koffee klatsch. It could have led to something beautiful. However, something similar will happen online once everybody’s seen the film and we can discuss it. Hope you all like it as much as I do.


13 Responses to “The Very Living End”

  1. The internet is the most generous place in the world! Now that copies have been sent out to the UK and the USA, I think Canada needs to see this film; so let me be responsible for paying it forward:
    my address is R. Krahn *** ** C****** Ave. W., G*****, ON, N** 4**

    Thank you!

  2. Can’t you just Bittorrent it?
    Then we can all take part without taking up your precious Blog-hours

  3. Have no idea how these consarned Bittorrent things work, dad-blame it!

    Ontario here we come!

  4. Got mine today-didn’t get that magnificent cover-Mine had “No Orchids for Miss Blandish” crossed out and “Fin du Jour” artfully done in red & black.
    Is that unique? Can we trade between ourselves? More to the point what happened to “No Orchids”? Good film that-I’d hate to think it’s been displaced

    Anyway saving the film for this evening-with wine.

    You still up for Davies’ Waves or those PFT? Email me when you get a minute

  5. Have done so! Hope you like the film — I’ll start a post just for comments.

  6. So wait a minute. I leave a comment here and then the overly generous dcairns sends me a copy???

  7. That’s about the size of it. Y’see, I now have your email and can contact you to get your postal address.

  8. Hello
    Could you kindly send a copy to France? How do I get my details to you?

  9. It would be great to send Duvivier back to his homeland! I’ll email you for postal details. Incidentally, there was a VHS release in France of La Fin Du Jour some years back, so if you enjoy my fuzzy disc you may be able to find a superior copy on You might also be able to track down La Belle Equipe, Marie-Octobre, Le Golem and others. Happy hunting!

  10. Hi David,

    Just wanted to let you know that I received the DVD the other day. Thanks! Now I just need to find the time to watch it…

  11. Fantastic. It’s only around 90 mins, not an epic, so I hope you can fit it in one evening. Good to watch it in company too, as it’s a real crowd-pleaser. Also fun showing it to somebody else after watching it oneself…

  12. I received mine today and plan to watch it very soon and then sharing it. Thanks again for your generosity.

  13. Great! I just received a disc from Girish, which means presumably he has received the disc pictured.

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