Now That’s Weird…

I write a birthday piece for Ben Gazzara. In it, I reference the work of science fiction author Ursula K. LeGuin. I suspect I’m the only person in history ever to do this, but there you go. The piece sparks a warm exchange of memories about Gazzara and other members of the John Cassavetes informal repertory company.

Today, one day later, I wander into a second-hand bookshop and find, without looking for it, a LeGuin paperback, City of Illusions.

The main character of this novel is called Falk.



“There’s just one thing that still kinda bothers me…”

3 Responses to “Now That’s Weird…”

  1. also, URSULA LEGUIN wrote those EARTHSEA books which were sort of used to make that EARTHSEA ghibli MOVIE in which the BADDIE looks like PETE BURNS from DEAD OR ALIVE and nobody knew if BEN GAZZARA was DEAD OR ALIVE

  2. Clever chaps these Japanese.

  3. Here’s the graveyard scene from Mikey and Nicky . Falk and Cassavetes are magnificent. (Note the reference to “Izzy”)

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