Me So Hornleigh

My latest piece is up at the revamped I think it’s one of my better commissioned articles. Discover the joys of the INSPECTOR HORNLEIGH films, delightful slices of pre-war comedy-crime, starring Gordon Harker and Greatest Scotsman Ever Alistair Sim.

This, by the way, is the solution to the unguessable “Clews” post.

If you’re moved to comment on the article, you can do so here.

10 Responses to “Me So Hornleigh”

  1. I eagrly await your analysis of the great Sim in the film version of An Inspector Calls.

  2. he’s very good in that, ideally chosen, but I prefer his Sgt Bingham and his Inspector Cockrill. And Guy Hamilton doesn’t have the expressionist chops as director to bring out the play’s more supernatural qualities.

    Sim is also the world’s greatest Scrooge.

  3. I’ve been interested in seeing these films ever since seeing Gordon Harker in Michael Powell’s THE PHANTOM LIGHT. Thanks for the preview, guv’nor.

  4. They still don’t seem to be commercially available anywhere, but I have some passable copies I got from a ncie internet chum. I’m always interested in trading with folks with intriguing tastes…

  5. I also adore him in The Happiest Days of Your Life.

  6. …which I’m STILL trying to get a copy of. I remember it as excellent, but haven’t seen it in YEARS.

  7. It’s utter HEAVEN!

  8. I may have just tracked down someone who’s holding a copy, so we’ll see soon.

  9. I DID just get ahold of The Anatomist, a classy Burke and Hare retelling with Sim as Dr Knox. That ought to be worth a peek.

  10. […] (above), professional reanimated monkeycorpse and comic scene-stealer. Identical to his later INSPECTOR HORNLEIGH roles, except for the addition of a little hair on his head, he dominates the screen simply by […]

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