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What’s going on here? What’s it all about? Eh? Eh?

Guess correctly and win a congratulatory email.


7 Responses to “Clews…”

  1. crippen! it must have something to do with crippen! i always think these clue posts have to do with crippen but they always seem to never have to do with crippen

    there are lots of reasons why it probably isn’t crippen but if you want to read my reasons for why it might be crippen then keep reading

    picture number one: white star shipping – i think crippen went on a white star ship either on his way to or back from america

    picture number two: chemist stuff is pretty crippen

    picture c: i think this is a woman dressed as a man – crippen dressed his girlfiriend up like a boy to go on the ship, although it didn’t fool anyone

    in conclusion, is it crippen?

  2. Brilliant! Your reasoning is flawless. It’s not Crippen.

    Actually, Crippen is on my rental list so one day maybe it will be Crippen.

    I was waiting for somebody to post a suggestion before I gave the answer, so I’ll do it now: it’s scens from the Inspector Hornleigh films. more on them in the next post.

    Crippen did get a ship to America, and was arrested on it by Inspector Walter Dew, who had been on the Ripper case (a film of his life, anyone?). I think his was the first arrest to be facilitated by use of the telegraph (they contacted the ship and circulated a description, then Dew got a fast boat and caught them up).

    The Suspect, with Charles Laughton, is an excellent thriller with a heavily Crippen-influenced story.

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  4. the fast boat that dew took was the laurentic – a white star liner

    another person who deserves more attention is kate williams, the friend of mrs. crippen who first alerted the police to her missingness. she was better known by her stage name – vulcana, the strongest woman in the world

  5. Beautiful! A crime-fighting Edwardian strongwoman, there’s a long-running series if I ever saw one.

    The Exciting Adventures of Vulcana!

  6. Is it Welles’ “The Stranger”?

  7. Afraid not — see the next post (chronologically) for the answer.

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