Communist filth!

What gets me about this simple, banal, but rather topical parable, is how Orson Welles’ reading gives it the gravitas of the little story that begins his film of THE TRIAL. And the way it’s all targeted at one era, but ends up rebounding through time and hitting our own, makes me want to cry.

12 Responses to “Communist filth!”

  1. Arthur S. Says:

    It’s very well done. The animation could have been a little more creative but there’s no arguing with that message and I especially like the fact that it deliberately makes the audience part of it’s scheme. The music isn’t bad either.

    Of course the parable of ”The Trial” is beyond comparison. It was done by Alexander Alexieff and Claire Parker(his wife). It was a form of animation called pin-shadow animation or something like that. The images are created by carefully manipulating the shadows caused by small pins or something like that.

  2. Yes. Alexeiff’s work is amazing, especially when he actually animates (The Trial just uses stills). It’s a unique effect. It’s called pinscreen animation and the image derives from the shadows of thousands of pins pushed through a screen from behind.

  3. If it were made today this cartoon wouldn’t have such a happy ending. Instead the people would turn on anyone trying to make the River of Freedom run freely again.

    And send them to Gitmo. Or worse.

  4. True, David E. Although just maybe some (partial, compromised) ending to this nightmare is in sight.

    Lucan, I think that site is on random/shuffle. The best one is of course “Daisy” which people can click on at the right of screen if it doesn’t come up immediately. It seems to suggest nuking children who can’t count to ten: “Five…six…eight…six…six…”

  5. it’s 1964, 4th republican add down: raymond massey yelling at us on behalf of the need to vote for goldwater…

  6. Here’s Raymond Massey — in the scene that made me love James Dean forever. Absolutely nothing like his cry of wounded animal pain in the history of the cinema.

  7. Arthur S. Says:

    I personally will always treasure Raymond Massey in AMOLAD.

    “In the whole universe there is nothing stronger than the law!”

  8. Massey also sired a couple of terrific actors, Daniel and Anna — who united with Powell herself for Peeping Tom.

  9. can someone post the link to the powell and pressburger mailing list and demand an explanation / apology from them?

    talking of welles — has anyone heard of / seen this?

  10. I haven’t. They seem to be talking to a lot of the right people though.

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