BLIND DATE with Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger. No, wait, that’s wrong. Surely that’s wrong.

My new article on J-Lo, by which I mean Joseph Losey, is up at Moving Image Source. It’s meant to accompany this complete retrospective, but in a fit of madness, I based it all around one scene in his late ’50s potboiler BLIND DATE, starring Hardy Krüger and Stanley Baker.

And J-Ro, by which I mean movie colossus Jonathan Rosenbaum, was nice enough to add a helpful semi-correction to my last piece there, the Clarkicle. (They wouldn’t let me call it the Clarkicle, though. Not that I actually asked, but they wouldn’t let me.)

And my previous Losey-themed bit of waffle is still HERE.

I wonder how many more links I can cram into one post without setting the Internet on fire?

Anyhow, THIS ONE is the new Losey article.

5 Responses to “J-Lo”

  1. Excellent. Losey was always big on having his characters lounge around their lairs. The Seravnt is a turf war over lounging territory. Boom and Secret Ceremony likewise.

    Here’s Dirk Bogarde lounging about, and conducting buiness at the same time, in Modesty Blaise.

  2. Very nice article.

  3. Thanks!
    I think I’m still getting to grips with the whole “article” thing — they require slightly different brain-muscles from blogging. I have high hopes for my next BritMovie piece though.
    Just bought Modesty Blaise and ran it, will post something or other soon. Bogarde is certainly the real star of the show.

  4. Can’t wait for your take on Modesty Blaise, David. This was a work obsession a few years back that culminated in writing the introductions to the first three volumes of the collected Peter O’Donnell Modesty comic strips that Titan published a couple of years ago. His Modesty novels are such brilliant but neglected nuggets of British culture. The film is remarkable too; “Champagne! Champagne!”

  5. Bogarde supposedly added all his best lines, like the champagne one. The movie’s a wild mixture of the strange, the funny and the howlingly UNfunny. It definitely deserves a post, but I’m so busy watching films it’s a struggle to write about them — am now about five films behind!

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