Baragon But Not Forgotten

The film world was saddened today by the death of Baragon, the popular Japanese movie monster, or kaijin (literally, “strange beast”, which makes my cat a kaijin too). Baragon, the 100ft high tunnelling monster, made his screen debut in 1965, battling the Frankenstein Monster in FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD, and was an instant hit with audiences. He seemed to combine the insouciance of Mothra with the versatility of King Ghidora and the raw animal physicality of a young Gregory Peck.

Although Baragon officially retired from acting in 1997, he was always happy to sign autographs for fans. Living quietly on Monster Island with his longtime partner Ebirah, Horror of the Deep, he would relax by playing golf or taking photographs. An exhibition of his nudes was a critical success in 2002.

Today, colleagues paid tribute to the giant fire-breathing dinosaur, remembering his humour, his charity work, and his ability to pound cities into dust. “He was always so powerful on the screen, but in real life, he was a sweet, gentle fellow, always considerate towards new talent,” said Hedora the smog monster.

A spokesman for Toho, the studio where Baragon spent his career, said, “Baragon was a great actor and a great kaijin. We should honour his memory by thinking of his contribution to motion picture history.”

Accordingly, here are some stills from Baragon’s 32-year career, with subtitles translating his dialogue, for the first time, from guttural roars into English.

“They call me MISTER Baragon!”

“Because I wanted him, do you hear me? Because I WANTED him!”

“We’ll always have Tokyo.”

13 Responses to “Baragon But Not Forgotten”

  1. The Mothra twins are in deep mourning.

  2. In the dubbed version I’ve got, they’re called The Peanut Sisters, which is pretty cute.

  3. The sisters were a band called The Peanuts, weren’t they? I’m sure I’ve got some mp3s floating around somewhere.

    Maybe they’ll play at Baragon’s wake…

  4. That would be a lovely gesture.

  5. David time to revive our ‘Godzilla in Leith’ epic ! or was it Pilrig?

    With all this publicity about Baragon surely funding will be a synch?

  6. That’s “cinch”! Well, it’d be a pretty short film, Leith would just about fit underneath one of those monsters’ feet.

  7. If we made it about a baby godzilla it could use the the whales tooth to swing around.. ooh even better idea sweap up all the bloody transport and edinburgh toon cooncilors into the tramway pits…

  8. There IS a Son of Godzilla. He’s a horrible thing. Too big to swing on the whale’s tooth, though maybe he could pick his teeth with it.

    Giant radioactive monsters seem to have a good homing instinct for city authorities though, so the councillors better watch out.

  9. This blog piece is hilarious!

    I’m still waiting for the Gojira v Russia film, funded by Georgia to be announced. By the end of this year the Japanese will announce it’s production. Mark my words.

  10. Is there anything left there for him to flatten? I’d buy tickets for Gojira Vs Putin.

  11. it’s kaiju not kaijin. Kaijin means “stranger” or “strange person”

  12. I thought kaiju was the plural of kaijin, and gaijin was the Japanese term for foreigner. Maybe my Japanese friend is deceiving me?

  13. […] the late Baragon has emerged from the bowels of the earth and is ravaging the countryside. While Frank, escaped from […]

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