…Actor Derek Fowlds, although best known for his work in political sitcom Yes, Minister, also played a Vicious Local Toff in FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN, in which he bears a wondrous resemblance to Gideon the fox in Walt Disney’s PINOCCHIO.

Fowlds, front and centre.

Fox, lower right. 

What does it all MEAN?

7 Responses to “Weirdly…”

  1. Frankenstein Created Disney

  2. Or Disney Created Woman, which would be even more frightening.

  3. Don’t forget, Marge Champion was the body model for Snow White.

  4. Hang on. Do you mean the fox or the cat? Only you’ve posted the cat. I can see there’s an argument for both.

  5. He’s a cat? OK. I meant the cat. Foulfellow is the fox.

    Cat’s and foxes don’t really hang out together so I thought he must be another fox. Because cartoons are always realistic…

  6. Terry McDonald Says:

    Maybe that’s why he spent so much of his career with his hand up the backside of another fox –

    Ooh Mr. Derek!

  7. I…hadn’t thought of that! But if he’s a cat and not a fox, such activities are clearly unnatural and must be condemned from every pulpit in the land.

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