Soap and Scissors


Don’t know why the video’s anamorphically squished like that, a fellow called palecalo put this up on YouTube, not me. You can partially unsquish it by watching it from almost directly above the screen, but when I tried that I banged my head on the monitor, so DON’T.

Anyhow, this is the soap commercial in which Jean-Luc Godard first spotted Anna Karina. And she IS cute as a kitten, although a kitten probably wouldn’t look as cute in that bath, retching and spitting and bedraggled and pathetically trying to climb the sides of the tub.

Film history, folks!


6 Responses to “Soap and Scissors”

  1. And we owe it all to soap!

  2. This is all kinds of awesome, thanks for pointing it out.

  3. You’re welcome! That IS a great avatar!

  4. That soap commercial had some very nice stalker elements to it. So what were you actually searching for when you came across this video?

  5. I can’t remember, but I THINK I was just looking for Godard…

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