Shadowplay welcomes Guest Reviewer Boris Karloff as the Frankenstein monster to add his thoughts on Terence Fisher’s FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED:


(Boris’ arguments may be a bit sophisticated for those used to newspaper reviews.)

4 Responses to “Brains”

  1. I was very impressed by Karloff’s performances in the Val Lewton cycle of films from the 1940’s–“Isle of the dead”, “Bedlam”. The man could act (as could the great Vinnie Price), there were subtle nuances to his performances that really do set Karloff apart. Thanks for this…

  2. Karloff’s delightful! His 3 performances as the Monster are great, genuine feats of acting and imagination, and he’s also enjoyable in gangster movies like Scarface, comedies like the Corman The Raven, and even his later stuff like The Sorcerors. A real eccentric, too, with his pet pig.

  3. There was only one Boris Karloff, and his contribution to Whale’s oeuvre is immesurable. He found humanity in a monster in a way no one has managed to do before or since. Even Chaney can’t touch Karloff’s ebulliant warmth. This is part of the reason why he’s so beloved of film fans. Consequently knowing Karloff would never be duplicated it was quite wise of Sangster and Fisher to go in an entirely different direction witht their series. And in Cushing they found the polar opposite of Karloff’s warmth.

  4. Cushing’s steely determination also contrasts with the doubt-filled, conscience-stricken, neurotic scientists in the Universal series, particularly Colin Clive. The fact that Cushing’s Baron will NEVER LEARN makes him perfect for a series.

    I love Gavin Lambert’s story, quoted from James Whale, of Karloff in makeup for the first time, saying, “I think thith will be the motht thenthational thight in the hithtory of the thilver thcreen.”

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