Portrait of Shirley

Wey-hey! My Clarkicle is up now at Moving Image Source. All that viewing of Shirley Clarke’s stuff at the Edinburgh Film Festival has paid off not just (just? JUST???!) in pleasure and edification, but in COLD HARD BANDWIDTH.

Thanks to Dennis at MIS and Niall and Diane at the Film Fest for the opportunity to get Clarke some more exposure.

Now to get to work again on my next piece, on Shadowplay favourite Joseph Losey…

15 Responses to “Portrait of Shirley”

  1. really enjoyed the shirley clarke article. Wish I’d been in better shape to see more over the festival.

    Am waiting with baited breath for your Mamma Mia ! review….

  2. Thanks, and:

    I suppose I COULD subject myself to Mama Mia! in the interests of Wilful Eccentricity, but instead I’ll just point you here:
    I think that says enough. But maybe I can be prevailed upon to be indiscrete and reveal what Seamus McGarvey told me about why he didn’t end up shooting the film…

  3. Very good piece on Shirley. Her first dance film clearly parallels Maya Deren’s A Study in Choreography For Camera with Tally Beatty doing the dancing, which was made around the same time.

  4. Meryl Streep is NOT demented. She’s just very high-spirited and funny.

  5. Yes, Deren and Clarke have definite affinities.

    I haven’t seen the Streep.

  6. And Nestor wasn’t available having died of AIDS.

    Don’t you just hate when that happens?

  7. I do, I really do.

  8. I enjoyed Mama Mia ! so much I’m going to see it AGAIN tomorrow ! and looking forward to not playing London prices – £9 in Camden to see it… and the clear and present danger of Amy being present…. the price is too high.

  9. Well, enjoy! Rather you than me. I like the tunes, but I’m not sure I want to hear them sung by that cast…

  10. Streep is lovely (especially when she sings “The Winner Takes it All”), but the film as a whole is no I Love Melvin.

    Meanwhile. . .

    Shirley would have adored Taylor Greeson.

  11. Sounds like it! I’ll watch out for this one.

  12. Brandon Says:

    Nice article on Clarke. I’d lost interest after a 16mm screening of “Portrait of Jason”. You write “Deprived of any distractions, we have to think about Holliday and decide for ourselves why his story matters.” – but I wasn’t sure why his story mattered because the sound was blown-out and I could only catch every other word he said. If you can’t even try to follow the story, it’s an achingly boring film. Would love to see the Ornette Coleman doc or “Cool World” sometime.

  13. The Coleman doc can be ordered in the US, and there’s a good quality disc of Jason from Second Sight in the UK. Yes, it certainly would be pretty alienating if you can’t hear what he’s saying.
    Cool World is quite unique and terribly impressive, but we have to wait for producer Frederick Wiseman to permit a DVD release, or die. Or for somebody to strike prints and get cinema screenings.

  14. Seamus McGarvey Says:

    Great Blog David!

  15. Thanks! Lovely to have you drop by.

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