Director’s cuts

An interesting and important new idea has arisen — the question of EDIBLE FILM DIRECTORS. (Eat the Poor, comments section.) It’s an area that needs considerable investigation, both from the theoretical and practical standpoint.

Mr. B. Kite, sedentary nomad of Red Hook, points out that if we combine Archie Mayo and Lloyd Bacon, both from the Warner Bros. ’30s school, we have the beginnings of a pretty good sandwich. Bring in Mark Sandrich from RKO, squint at his name, and the illusion is complete.

I also suggest Jean PainlevĂ© as an option — using my schoolboy French, I seem to decode his name as meaning “Jean bread-rising”. Slap that on either side of Bacon and Mayo and away you go. Or you could have them on Renny Rye, if a TV director is admissible into such august company. Just add a sprinkle of Waldo Salt.

Or just go for a Neil Burger. The possibilities need to be explored.

2 Responses to “Director’s cuts”

  1. Don’t forget Marco Ferreri’s La Grande Bouffe

    And that’s nto to mention THIS!

  2. I had forgotten that amazing Piranesi-inspired set! Matte paintings by the great Albert Whitlock (who also guest-stars!).

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