“I like nuts.”

Unpronounceable comedy titan Peter Serafinowicz (the thin one) celebrates the big Three Six today (according to the IMDb), so as a birthday tribute I present his very individual take on Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy. Stick with it, the thing BUILDS!

I expect I’ll be blogging more about L&H as I delve deeper into my unfeasibly voluminous box set.

6 Responses to ““I like nuts.””

  1. Chris B Says:


  2. Chris B Says:

    Done! (although the site says 1 – 3 weeks wait)
    I should really get round to sending your requests… need a new pack of blanks, I think.

  3. I have plenty here…email and we’ll work out what we’re swapping. Don’t think I did you Imprint yet, or did I?

  4. Boiled eggs and f***ing nuts. Hmph.

  5. Heh. Time I watched County Hospital again, actually. With Dr. Billy Gilbert, “eyes like frightened marbles crammed into a wad of dough.”

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