Shorts 2

A slightly flat Friday spent mainly hanging around the Film Fest. I was interviewed for an online thing, and feel I came across rather negative. Don’t want to be negative. Think UP!


Saw some more shorts, mainly good ones — Luc Moullet’s LE LITRE DE LAIT, in which a trip to buy milk is fraught with anxiety, was very funny, simple and effective. I admired the hero’s RED T-SHIRT, also. My own T-shirt is blue.

I LOVE SARAH JANE is a zom-rom-com, a sweet story of teenage love and zombie holocaust, with a Romeroesque purity to its ghoulish mayhem, and its young cast¬†achieves the naturalism of performance that was missing in Romero’s own DIARY OF THE DEAD.

The Belgian MUMBLER was very strange, very beautiful, very funny. Inexplicable occurrences and freakish characters pile up on the screen with reckless abandon. The popular classics soundtrack was very effective but I always think people should hunt around more and find music tracks that aren’t widely familiar.

Then there was a panel discussion on horror cinema, which was kind of dull. The panelists were all knowledgeable and interesting in their own right, including novelist Muriel Gray and the directors of MUM AND DAD and BLOOD CAR, but there was such universal agreement on nearly everything under discussion that no real heat was generated. Questioners from the audience tried to inject some controversy, but I’m afraid they were mainly incoherent nutters.

It reminded me of a panel on censorship from the James Ferman era at the B.B.F.C. All the panelists were pro-censorship, which made debate rather pointless. If that long-ago panel could somehow have been blended with this one, where everybody was anti-censorship, we might have seen some fireworks.

4 Responses to “Shorts 2”

  1. Luc Moullet has been for decades a great comic filmmaking talent, next to unknown in engoish-speakign countries even as Woody Allen continues to rot and wither.

    I devoted a chapter of my Film: The Front life — 1984 (Arden Press) to Moullet.

  2. He seems well worth the attention, even on the basis of this tiny sample. But is anything available with subs?

  3. Way back in the day New Yorker Films had the U.S. rights to Les Contrebanieres

  4. Just looked — nothing in the UK, but quite a lot of stuff on US Amazon. some rather expensive, but some reasonable. I shall see what can be done to get some.

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