So, Losey Week ends. I’ve touched on barely half of the Great Man’s work, and much of that fleetingly. KING AND COUNTRY, pretty near my favourite JL film, and the one that convinced me to stop worrying and love the blacklistee, hardly gets a mention. So there will be more, at a later date.

Weeping Sam at The Listening Ear very kindly called Joseph Losey Week a “one-man blogathon”, which pleased me very much, but it’s not 100% true — the contributors to the comments section have helped make this fun and illuminating for me and I’m sure for other readers.

David Ehrenstein and Chris Schneider both win MYSTERY PRIZES for their entries in our peculiar and ill-advised Joe Losey Songwriting Contest!


“Together they devour life.” I wonder if the tagline for SECRET CEREMONY was “Together they devour sausages?”

Here’s David E’s boombastic boom-along:

The moment that I saw you — Boom!
There may not be much left here for you
I will be dead
Either I’ll fast expire or Sidney Poitier’s wife-to-be will desire
My head
Either way it’s curtains for me- Boom!
And not the chintz-fringe ones Wendy Graig had ordered — Boom!
Noel Coward’s no Cole Porter – Boom!
Oh sure I know you’ll say isn’t fair
to compare
the crawling technique of man with legs to one who really didn’t have them
That dwarf is so annoying — Boom!
And so’s the dress I’m wearing — Zoom!
Let’s fly away
To London where
there’s a house that has the best bathroom Pauline Kael claims she’s ever seen and
Frank’s serving Mia the divorce papers –Boom!
Thank goodness Mitchum’s here and
Oh Joe please see
to Tennessee
the poor dear’s so in need of tender loving care
But who will do my hair?
Oh– Boom!

Full marks for ENTERING THE MIND of Elizabeth Taylor and making it out alive.

Chris looks at a wide variety of Losey’s work, through the prism of that classic Sunday-in-the-country film, ACCIDENT.


(A Pastorale To Be Sung
(To The Tune of “Lazy Afternoon”)

It’s a Losey Afternoon …
Stanley Baker grabs his eggs,
Jacqui Sassard shows her legs,
And Dirk Bogarde dines beyond the cafe glass
As we pass.

It’s a Losey Afternoon …
Jeanne Moreau is chic and grim,
Virna Lisi’s chance is slim,
And Venetian tchotchkes mix — with “Loveless Love”
Sung above.

A ‘copter tracks down mutant tots
As spivs in leather sigh;
If you’re still and tense,
Even Lindfors makes sense by and by …

It’s a Losey Afternoon …
John Drew’s dah-dah takes a beatin’,
Michael R. finds time is fleetin’,
And Rossella’s mime is meetin’ his fate.

So let’s stroll by as time and Trotsky wait …


Films Alluded To: “Accident” (1967), “Eva” (1962), “The Damned” (1963), “The Big Night” (1951), “Time Without Pity” (1957), “Modesty Blaise” (1966), “The Assassination of Trotsky” (1972).

These are the Damp

Movies all round!

2 Responses to “Boombastic”

  1. Talk about Oliver Reed elsewhere — specifically in connection with THE ASSASSINATION BUREAU — caused me to remember that Losey’s DAMNED gives Reed a “Line He Was Born To Say.”

    Reed to Viveca Lindfors:
    “I’m strange, all right! I’ll show you just how strange I am!”

    And he does, he does.

  2. Great! I just heard a nice Reed story, I’ll blog it up soon.

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