Notice is given —

— that this is



— at Shadowplay.

In fact, it’s Joseph Losey Week all over the whole internet, though naturally we’re keeping it quiet and low-key. This is the only site that’s doing it OVERTLY.

We hope you enjoy!

Watch this space!

4 Responses to “Notice is given —”

  1. Don’t forget The Sleeping Tiger !

    Also Man on the Beach (which I’ve never seen and am fascinated by) and Eve (I’ve got to read more James Hadley Chase.)

    A fresh look at The Go-Between would be appreciated (in light of a sleazy rip-off called Atonement)

    And don’t forget the great French director who gave us M. Klein (Alain Delon at his most enigmatic) and La Truite (which has my all-time favorite Jeanne Moreau line.)

  2. Sleeping Tiger — no problem.

    Man on the Beach — not available at present, but sounds fascinating. He seems to have used his own name on that one, despite the films around it being pseudonymous,

    Go-Between is lined up ready, as is Atonement so I can double feature them maybe.

    I have Eve but may postpone it so I can see it on the big screen here in June.

    And don;t have the French ones but hope to run something from late on in his career.

  3. I’ve been known to echo David E’s sentiments on James Hadley Chase. I mean … the writer who provoked both “The Grissom Gang” and “Eva” must have *something* going for him, right? I ended up sorta-kinda enjoying Clare Peploe’s “Rough Magic,” which also came from Hadley Chase.

    Wonder what Patrice Chereau’s JHC movie, “Flesh and the Orchid,” is like …

    Once upon a time, when I was a Los Angeles youth and Channel 5 played good movies, I watched a butchered version of “Eva” with some regularity. Memory is hazy, though, and I don’t remember much beyond Jeanne Moreau looking sullen and chic and a lot of Billie Holiday on the soundtrack.

  4. The Chereau is pretty good — almost the same story as The Grissom Gang, and La Reine Margot, come to that.

    I think my Mum and Dad quite like James Hadley Chase.

    There’s a 30s British version of No Orchids for Miss Blandish that tries very hard to be American, and was a critical whipping boy as a result. I’d be fascinated to see it.

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