The Walls Have Ears

I love this! Chris B. demonstrates how Shadowplay has brainwashed him, forcing him into buying DVDs and books. My real intent of course is to short-circuit the capitalist system and have everybody trading bootlegs. “You wouldn’t steal a car!” scream the ads. But, as one unknown comedian put it, if a friend came round and said, “I just bought a Mercedes, can I burn you a copy?” most of us would probably be amenable.

On Chris’s monitor we see some strange walls of facial features, which reminds Brandon of THIS:

From Hiroshi Teshigahara’s THE FACE OF ANOTHER, starring the great Tetsuya Nakadai. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, Teshigahara’s films are well worth getting into. In terms of pace, composition, movement, vibe flavour and whatnot, he quite simply has HIS OWN THING GOING ON. There are only a few H.T. flicks available out there in the west, but it’s a start.


6 Responses to “The Walls Have Ears”

  1. should it be fitting that THE FACE OF ANOTHER is one of my favourite films!

    Ok, just watched GOOD NEWS and was going to ask David E to recommend me some more Joan McCracken films (she basically *made* the film for me) but checking her imdb page heralded disturbing results:

    What’s the deal with her cinematic absence???

  2. Oh, he’ll be able to tell you! It definitely seems v. regrettable. While Ho’wood latched onto many great talents, they weirdly let others slip thru their grasp…

  3. That’s pretty much it. She was more a creature of Boradway than Hollywood. Her unabashed sexuality was Too Hip For the House. That she got away with what she did in Good News is rather amazing. Note the way she checks out the ass on one of the male dancers in the opening number.

  4. Fortunately, I have Hollywood Canteen, her only other film credit, although she shares the bill with the entire population of Ho’wood. A Borzage film, but I don’t really think of it as such.

  5. “I just bought a Mercedes, can I burn you a copy?”

    That is the exact argument I make when idiots bring up the “Oh, so it’s okay to steal a car then” argument. I always say “No. It’s like if I take your car and make an exact duplicate of it never once depriving you of the usage of your vehicle.”

    That comment you posted is much more eloquent. Will add that to my arguments next time I have to deal with these idiots.

  6. Well, it would be depriving the Mercedes people of money, and if everybody did it, they would go bust and there would be no more Mercedes. But not everybody is going to do it.

    A friend said he had bought a film even though he could have got a bootleg for nothing, because “Some films you just have to own in the legitimate version.” Maybe if studios made more of THOSE films…

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