Give us a clue…

Somebody might actually guess this one! The movie is a bit less obscure, and the images actually relate to major plot features. It’s from 1952, so if you have a thought you can check it off using that info.

And they’re from the same movie as the previous post, SUSPECTS.

If you don’t have a serious suggestion, INSANE NONSENSE is always gratefully received.

Maybe we’ll have a prize if somebody gets it! Would you LIKE a prize?

2 Responses to “Give us a clue…”

  1. Stills from Kurosawa’s Bambi. Filmed before Disney removed him from the project.
    Much of the objections arose over his obsessive focus on the hunter who would eventually slay the deers mother. The straw (and by straw I mean involved sequences heavy on symbolism) that broke the camel’s back was the twenty five minute wordless section shot in his cabin as he carefully puts together his massive gun with Daniel Day Lewis like intensity and attention to detail.
    The same gun would famously double as Sean Connery’s harpoon in From Russia With Love.
    Philip French would later pretend that Kurosawa had showed him his footage and claimed it was “A lost treasure to rival the Ark of the Covenant”.

  2. Beautiful.

    The various reasons given for firing Kurosawa from Tora! Tora! Tora! are no less bizarre.

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