Help the inspector!

What’s the film?

(This one is DIFFICULT — feel free to entertain me with stupid / insane suggestions.)

I went out to buy milk, and I noticed that the outside world smelled bad. It stank of cabbage. Theory — underground pneumatic tubes are used to transport vegetables in Scotland, and one of them must have gotten blocked and then burst. I have a deductive mind, you see, I figure these things out. It’s a kind of gift.

Impress me now with your powers of reasoning and imagination!

9 Responses to “Clues…”

  1. It’s leaked concept art from The Hobbit

  2. A radical reinterpretation of Tolkein — just what’s needed! I particularly like the up-to-date take on “my precious” in the bottom picture.

  3. skelington Says:

    which puts me in mind of:

  4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 – The Intervention..

  5. Rabbit with a Habit.

  6. Dr KILLdare!

  7. Nice suggestion — I’d love to see The Thief, but I haven’t and this isn’t it. Really nobody’s going to guess this unless they’ve just seen it, and it’s highly unlikely many people have!

  8. […] OK, here’s the answer to CLUES… probably a disappointing one since few have even heard of it and it’s not that […]

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