Chigurh Happy?

Fellini used to say that he still worried about Cabiria, the prostitute heroine of LA NOTTE DI CABIRIA, and wondered what she was up to, long after he made the film, as if she had some independent existence.

Itchy Chigurh finger

I feel the same about Anton Chigurh. 

(Spoiler alert.)

Oh, I know the Coen brothers did their best to suggest at the end of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN that Anton would be fine, allowing him to walk off into the sunset as it were, and even taking care to establish the fact that Tommy Lee Jones has retired and is no longer hunting for him. But still I worry!

Chigurh, after all, is someone who kills whenever his car runs out of gas, simply to get a ride. Is there really a place for him in this wicked world? It would be terrible to think that Chigurh, “the one completely blameless individual in this whole situation,” to quote George Macready in PATHS OF GLORY, might face an uncertain future after wiping stray bits of Kelly MacDonald off his boots and setting forth in his nice new shirt.

I know he’s in all our thoughts and prayers.

A Chiguhr Tale 

5 Responses to “Chigurh Happy?”

  1. I watched “Live Flesh” the other week, made about 10 years ago. My God, his face has charactered itself up in the intervening years.

  2. I’m sure he’s gainfully and happily employed at Gitmo.

    Meanwhile, as it’s Shirley Temple’s 80th Birthday, here’s a Hommage to Graham Greene

  3. Yes, Bardem’s face is getting more interesting, and large, with each passing year.

    There are many many places the Bush admin could find for a man of Chiguhr’s talents, I agree.

    That Greene piece is legendary, and cause him some difficulties with the studio.

    I enjoyed your pope piece too!

  4. wasn’t it a nice shirt though?

    i would give ten years of my life to own a shirt like that

  5. Mr. Chigurh will gladly let you have it in exchange for those ten years.

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