Screen Direction




My favourite bit of Hitchcock’s I CONFESS — these signposts, right at the start. (Hitchcock was at pains to assure Truffaut that they are a genuine feature of the Quebec streets…but WHY?)

I have to watch this again. I remember liking Monty Clift, but I nearly always do. The rest is a bit of a blur. Typically there are pleasures in a minor Hitchcock which one forgets and then discovers afresh upon reacquaintance. This makes most of his lesser films shine out on repeat viewing.


2 Responses to “Screen Direction”

  1. I CONFESS is a curiously claustrophobic film, but enjoyable nonetheless, like being stuck in a very small tent with Scarlett Johanssen, except with Monty and Hitch instead…:-)



  2. We cram into the tent. Hitch speaks: “I expect you’re wondering why I’ve called you all here today…”

    Claustrophobic is a good word for it, and it begins right at the start with those signs, and even Hitch’s walk-on at the top of the stairs has a hemmed-in, constricted feel.

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