The Man with the Golden Girls

Otto Preminger: often seen in the company of blondes. 

A Blonde in Love 


The Blonde on the Street Corner


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Jill Haworth (and Patricia Neal) in IN HARM’S WAY.

Mr Blonde

Carol Lynley (with Keir “Dave” Dullea) in BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING.

There seems a pattern to these pixie-like blondes. And Maggie McNamara and Jean Simmons have pixie qualities too, even though they’re brunettes. But then one recalls Otto’s flings with Gypsy Rose Lee (who gave him a son) and Dorothy Dandridge, and one realises that even if there is a Preminger “type”, he’s far from predictable.

2 Responses to “The Man with the Golden Girls”

  1. There’s a pattern to their framing on screen too. Seberg’s face is so damned haunting.

  2. I’m fascinated by Godard’s remarks re A Bout De Souffle being a follow-up to Bonjour Tristesse. I sense a Fever Dream Double Feature.

    The book Fade to Black, giving accounts of Hollywood celebrity deaths, has about ten pages on Seberg — her whole life reads like a dress rehearsal for suicide.

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