Thank You For Having Me

Sunset Song 

We don’t usually do commercials here at Shadowplay, but I met a very nice chap from Second Run DVDat the Jancsó screening and I said I’d mention his fine company on the blog here. Second Run have been bringing out extremely rare and extremely good movies, such as Jancsó’s THE RED AND THE WHITE, MY WAY HOME and THE ROUND-UP, which was screening that eve. Since the 1960s print of the film, complete with “X” certificate, was minus the original opening artwork, Second Run’s DVD was actually played for a few minutes at the start to give us the necessary background information denied us by whoever distributed the thing back in the day.

The Dove From Above

And no, I’m not being paid in free DVDs to say this, but Second Run are a great outfit and you should buy/rent their stuff, not just to support a noble cause but because the films are great and you’ll be the ones who benefit. Frame grabs here from their release of MARKETA LAZAROVA support my case admirably, I feel.

The Look of Love

It was an evening of meeting interesting folks. Rolland Man, ace film lecturer, was there. Several students and ex-students of mine said hi, including award-winning documentarist Maja Borg, and current 2nd-year Shu Moon Leung, who snapped a picture of me in manly embrace with the great Janscó, which I’ll post here as soon as I receive it.

As I hopped on the bus, I saw Mr. J. standing outside Filmhouselooking, approvingly I think, at the poster for Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s FLIGHT OF THE RED BALLOON. Wish I’d got a picture of THAT.

The Red Circle

2 Responses to “Thank You For Having Me”

  1. MARKETA LAZAROVA – a great, great film! And I concur, Second Run are a fantastic company.

  2. I just wish they were BIGGER, could bring out more movies. Still, if we all give them our money…

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