Otto eroticism

Les Valseuses 

Going by these frame grabs, you might think Preminger’s second Ho’wood flick, DANGER: LOVE AT WORK was much more sexual than his controversial ’50s sex comedy THE MOON IS BLUE, a film which shattered the Hays Code’s authority over the movie industry but which is pretty tame (the use of phrases like “professional virgin” and “pregnant” is what caused the controv.) By contrast, the following out-of-context images are HOT STUFF and should probably not be viewed by anybody under the age of, oh, 34.

The Naked Man

Tarzan the Ape Man


baby love

The Sticky Fingers of Time

The stained digits of Edward Everett Horton. How’s THAT for polymorphous perversity? I shall pass over the next two images in silence:

The Chase

Beauty and the Beast

Alas, I think these particular shots give a somewhat false idea of how sexual (and funny) the film is. More on it later.

La Bete

Look out Richard Gere!

3 Responses to “Otto eroticism”

  1. Never seen this one and have always wanted to. Clearly a precursor of Skidoo.
    Preminger always dealt with his career as if it began with Laura — much as Dietrich liked to claim that her first film was The Blue Angel.

  2. Well, you could buy the BFI disc but it’s really really not that rewarding. I was amazed at how many screen shots it offered when the experience of seeing it is so desultory.

    More on it in a moment.

  3. […] What the film does have going for it, although it doesn’t add up to much at the time, is a lot of strange and disturbing imagery. It’s meant to be funny, but is basically creepy and queasy and ooky. In this the film oddly resembles Otto Preminger’s unhilarious DANGER: LOVE AT WORK. […]

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