Quote of the Day: Stolen Face

 Martin Bormann

Billy Wilder on his friend, Otto Preminger:

“Tantalised by his mystique, I have devoted the last decade to unravel it. After the most laborious detective work, after scanning literally thousands of documents and photographs, after analysing and comparing samples of handwriting as well as of fingerprints, I have come to the irrefutable, if maybe not too surprising conclusion that Otto Ludwig Preminger is in fact none other than the elusive and dreaded Martin Bormann.

Otto Preminger on the set of Exodus

“He has been capable of perpetrating this brazen deception by using his modicum of talent for acting, by shaving his head three times daily, by wearing elevated shoes and having his face re-shaped by a plastic surgeon in Luxemburg. A xeroxed document in my voluminous files on Preminger attests that the operation was performed by a Dr Thomas Frick-Hutzmann in the Luxemburg Landesspital on 11 August 1945. Looking at his new face, there is no doubt that a sloppy and rather unflattering job has been done. However, one better remember that the delicate operation had to be performed by the usually quite competent surgeon while blindfolded.”

~ From Behind the Scenes of Otto Preminger, by Willi Frischauer.


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