The Mario Bava Film School #2

I guess cats really do look bigger when they rear up!

Cat o' 1 tail 

Either that, or it’s a really small chair.


4 Responses to “The Mario Bava Film School #2”

  1. I received Bava’s Italian cut of PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES today.

    That is all.

  2. Ooh! Me want!
    I’ll get all the discs I owe you mailed out this week, I swear!

  3. Hey, no problem. Could I also interest you in an English subbed 3.5 hour copy of Antonioni’s CHUNG KUO- CINA also? Unless Lucan has already duped the copy I sent him, that is.

  4. I just bet you could!
    Haven’t swung a trade with Lucan lately, though actually I owe him a couple things too…

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