Quote of the Day: Punch Drunk Victory

Love Story 

Richard Lester, in 1983, on Joseph Conrad’s Victory:

‘What attracts me to the story is simply that I think it’s a marvellous piece of cinema. A man has gone through life without ever being moved by anything — his father has said, “Look on and make no sound,” and that has been his way of dealing with life. By accident he helps a young girl, they begin this marvellous love affair, and at the moment it starts to go right three total villains, by chance as it were, are set on his trail, misled by the belief that he has money. And so, as the love story flowers, you just see this boat coming and you know disaster will follow. It seems to me that this is terrific cinema and pure cinema: it’s where the images should do a lot and the emotions are there without speech.”

And when you put it like that, it’s also almost the exact plot of Paul Thomas Anderson’s PUNCH DRUNK LOVE.

6 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Punch Drunk Victory”

  1. Punch Drunk Love does have a soupcon of the Lesterian about it.

  2. Apart from the plot resemblance to Conrad, it didn’t massively remind me of ANYTHING, which was quite nice.

  3. just swooping in to say saw Be Kind Rewind at weekend 3 1/2 stars I enjoyed it v much. Also saw All About Eve which I’ve never seen – fantastic! Seats in Glaswegian cinemas are rather uncomfy though and several times I thought I was going to do my back in.

    Have you seen copies of Film Comment? I picked up my second at Borders in Glasgow because it has an article about Agnes Varda. Its so good I’m thinking about getting a sub.

  4. Glad you enjoyed those. I don’t think Fiona wants to see Be Kind Rewind which means it might have to be a rental.

    I like Film Comment, there’s generally something good in there. And Cinema Scope is very nice but rather hard to come by.

  5. I’ll look out for Cinemascope when I’m next in Borders.

  6. I think I linked to their website in my blogroll, so you can check out some of their articles for free.

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