Quote of the Day: Great Expectorations

The Fugitive 

Abel Magwitch the convict: ‘Now you bring that file and them wittles to me tomorrow morning in this churchyard early.’

Pip: ‘Yes, sir.’

Magwitch: ‘And never dare to say a word of having seen such a person as me.’

Pip: ‘No, sir.’

Magwitch: ‘If you do, your heart and liver’ll be tore out, and roasted. And ate! There’s a young man hid with me, and in comparison with him…I’m an angel! That young man has a secret way of getting at a boy, and at his liver! The boy may lock his door, may be warm in bed, but that young man’ll softly creep his way to him and TEAR him open!

It appears that Magwitch’s young man must be none other than Eugene Tooms, from TV’s The X Files…


From Wikipedia:

“Tooms is a genetic mutant cannibal. After eating five human livers every thirty years, the only sustenance he needs, he is able to go back into hibernation. His “nest” is in the wall of a root cellar inside a condemned building at 66 Exeter Street. Tooms is also able to ‘squeeze’ and elongate his body in ways that are impossible for a normal human, and therefore able to reach his victims from tight spaces, such as a chimney.”

Tooms’ mutation gives him a greatly extended lifespan, so it’s quite possible he was running around Victorian England, and in the company of escaped convicts. Magwitch eventually goes to Australia and makes his fortune — Tooms appears to have headed west, and made a killing of his own…

Magwitch doesn’t say anything about his friend living in a nest made from newspapers and saliva, but I guess he’s just afraid of making the whole thing unbelievable.

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