Quote of the Day: Is there such a thing as a pro-macassar?

one two three KICK!

‘In 1931 it took five days on two crack trains to get to Hollywood: the Twentieth Century Limited to Chicago and the Santa Fe Super Chief to Los Angeles. But what a de luxe five days! Compartments glittered with polished mahogany, shiny brass, and red brocade; the seats flaunted antimacassars of heavy lace. Gazing out on drab railroad tracks or the flat plains of Kansas doubled one’s pleasure in the impeccable service and gourmet food. The maitre d’hotel would come to the compartment to announce he’d acquired some trout caught that morning in an icy mountain stream of Colorado or that the guinea hen had hung for just the proper time.’

~ Anita Loos, Kiss Hollywood Goodbye.

It’s the sweeping romance of travelling back in time and spending money!


5 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Is there such a thing as a pro-macassar?”

  1. A great fun film with a marvelous appearance by Charles Lane — who passed away recently at the ripe age of 101.

    Are you familiar with the musical version by Comeden & Green and Cy Coleman?

  2. I know OF it, but haven’t seen it and don’t know any of the songs.

    I love all the in-joke references to all Barrymore’s most famous roles.

  3. On the 20th Century is a teriffic show. Madeline Kahn played Lily, John Cullem is Oscar, and Imogene Coca had a great turn as the religious crazy. Get the original cast CD. My favorite number is “Babette” — a tour de force for Madeline Kahn as she tries to decide between doing Oscar’s Mary Magdalene play and Noel Cowardish comedy about “Babette — the darling of the Mayfair set.”

  4. anti macassars are to protect furniture from the haircream blokes used at the time. Apparently it left greasy marks. I suppose you could just post notices that one was pro macassar around the place…

  5. Perhaps head-rests made from a material designed to soak up hair oil and display the stains PROUDLY.

    Love Madeleine Kahn. Will go looking for the CDs in my local music library. Have been meaning to check out Sweeney Todd too.

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