hooked to the silver screen 

We reached the nice round number of FIFTY yesterday. Fifty smooth and succulent nuggets of cinematic happiness-induction. The balance has been tipped and worldwide cheeriness is just around the corner.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Shadowplay Euphoria will continue in a less regular way, as and when suggestions come in — and I’ll be accepting more suggestions from those Shadowplayers who have already had their suggestions used.



Beginning sometime this week will be CHILLS, which will highlight goose-bump-raising moments of cinematic beauty — the kind of things that make you feel an uncanny connection to some poetic otherness. It’s a little harder to describe than Euphoria, but I’m fairly sure Fiona and I aren’t the only ones who have that experience from time to time.

We’ll post the first examples soon to sort of get you going.

Peter the Monkey

But feel free to start suggesting anytime.


5 Responses to “Newphoria”

  1. Where’s that top still from? Petulia ?

  2. Nothing so classy — Max Pecas’ I am Frigid, Why? (It was around)

  3. Matthew McConkey Says:

    Another Francophile suggestion from me, but this time an ending rather than opening: The final scene of Eyes Without A Face.

    Without having some other examples of Chills to refer to I might have missed the point a little, but the first thing I thought of was chills as in a “chiller film”. Then I re-read the words “beauty” and “otherness” in your description and realised I’d misinterpreted you. But to me horror + beauty + otherness = the end of Eyes Without A Face.

    Franju pretty much was the champion in exploring that ambiguity by combining “horror chills” with “beauty chills” and the serenity of Christiane stopping to release the birds amid the carnage going on always manages to raise the hairs on my neck and send a shiver down my spine.

  4. i think roger livesey’s death might fit better in this category so i am renominating it

  5. Great suggestions, both! I need a short break from uploading stuff to Youtube so I’ll start this in a week or so.

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