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hooked to the silver screen 

We reached the nice round number of FIFTY yesterday. Fifty smooth and succulent nuggets of cinematic happiness-induction. The balance has been tipped and worldwide cheeriness is just around the corner.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Shadowplay Euphoria will continue in a less regular way, as and when suggestions come in — and I’ll be accepting more suggestions from those Shadowplayers who have already had their suggestions used.



Beginning sometime this week will be CHILLS, which will highlight goose-bump-raising moments of cinematic beauty — the kind of things that make you feel an uncanny connection to some poetic otherness. It’s a little harder to describe than Euphoria, but I’m fairly sure Fiona and I aren’t the only ones who have that experience from time to time.

We’ll post the first examples soon to sort of get you going.

Peter the Monkey

But feel free to start suggesting anytime.


Quote of the Day: Is there such a thing as a pro-macassar?

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one two three KICK!

‘In 1931 it took five days on two crack trains to get to Hollywood: the Twentieth Century Limited to Chicago and the Santa Fe Super Chief to Los Angeles. But what a de luxe five days! Compartments glittered with polished mahogany, shiny brass, and red brocade; the seats flaunted antimacassars of heavy lace. Gazing out on drab railroad tracks or the flat plains of Kansas doubled one’s pleasure in the impeccable service and gourmet food. The maitre d’hotel would come to the compartment to announce he’d acquired some trout caught that morning in an icy mountain stream of Colorado or that the guinea hen had hung for just the proper time.’

~ Anita Loos, Kiss Hollywood Goodbye.

It’s the sweeping romance of travelling back in time and spending money!