Win Big Prize! Here now, this.

I am mad but north-northwest 

So, I bought a Hitchcock box set because I didn’t have four of the films in it on disc, (STAGE FRIGHT, THE WRONG MAN, DIAL M FOR MURDER, I CONFESS) and it was cheap. But now I have dupe copies of NORTH BY NORTHWEST and STRANGERS ON A TRAIN.

And, coincidentally, a nice fellow appeared here and offered me free stuff.

So, in the spirit of PASS IT FORWARD, I’m going to give away my duplicate DVDs as free prizes in an inane competition.

In NORTH BY NORTHWEST, Cary Grant plays Roger O Thornhill. That middle initial is about all I have in common with him. We are told that the “O” stands for “nothing”.

Question One: If the “O” didn’t stand for “nothing”, what would it stand for?

Question Two (suggested by Comrade K.): If you met a stranger on a train, what would you ask him? Say he came from Peoria, Illinois, what then? Suppose he had a magic pencil.

The Killer Wore Spats

Prizes go to answers that make me laugh, or at least smile audibly. It’s also good if you can incorporate some obscure film trivia.

I might send each disc to a different winner. If you already have the movies I might discuss some other prize. I might just sell them on eBay.

Basically, ANYTHING could happen. It’s not even a proper competition.

Young huns go for it

A group of huns celebrate their competition win. Note the plate-spinner on the left.

Oh, better have a deadline. Monday.

6 Responses to “Win Big Prize! Here now, this.”

  1. How’s about Roger Obama Thornhill?

    Brings him right up to date.

  2. That’s nice! And the “O” still stands for nothing.

  3. the “o” doesn’t stand for anything because it is actually a zero

    if i met a stranger from peoria, illinois on a train, i would probably ask him to use his magic pencil to draw a new set of tracks to divert the train from crashing into the downtown chicago railway station. then i would ask to borrow the pencil to dig out my liver, which i would send to roger thornhill. he could staple the liver to his meaningless “o” and this would give him an acceptable middle name

  4. Blake Buesnel Says:

    Roger Orville Thornhill. Like the Wright brother, who had an affinity for prop airplanes, but maybe not the kind that chase you through a field. Who knows? There may have been an undocumented incident involving a Wright brother and a haywire glider.

    If i met a stranger from Peoria, Illinois on a train, i would ask her (think of a sharp-witted, blond) to tell me a little bit about her hometown of Peoria. After a minute, I’d ask her about that dreadful fire that took the high school library. She’d agree at the unfortunate nature of the accident. I’d agree and add that it was especially unfortunate, because Peoria lost it’s greatest treasure in the most bizzare occurrence the town had seen in years: an imaginary library being swallowed up by a fictitious 3 alarm fire. Having been found out, I’d reassure her I was just being keen, as my job as an insurance investigator allows me to be, and her secret, whatever it is, is safe with me.

  5. Beautiful stuff! Keep it coming. The judges’ decision will be final.

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