Euphoria #49: “I’m SO tired!”

When I told film-wizard Robert Glassford of Blimey Productions about PROJECT EUPHORIA — my five-year-plan to collect moments of happy-making cinema, KILL them, and preserve the husks under glass — almost WITHOUT HESITATION he suggested this moment from ZOOLANDER:

Sadly, Paramount have removed the clip. Spoilsports. And I don’t have the cash to take them to court and argue fair use or any of the other valid defenses for excerpting a TINY CLIP for discussion purposes.

And when I saw Robert’s vast, individually hand-crafted face light up with child-like glee at the memory, how could I refuse? To paraphrase Ring Lardner Jr, “I could, but I would hate myself in the morning.”

The key line that cracks Robert up is “I’m sorry, did my pin get in the way of your ass?” but what slays me is the simple and meaningless, “I’m SO tired!” which for some reason seems hilarious when shouted by a heavily-primped Will Ferrell.

Also I think Ferrell looks kind of glamorous, rather than grotesque. I tend to hate the way the Farrelly brothers mess up their actors’ faces with false teeth and zits and crap (everyone in KINGPIN is HARD TO LOOK AT and just the trailer made me depressed for DAYS), whereas here it’s kind of pleasure just to have somebody in front of us dressed like that. He looks like Ron Perlman as a killer bee.

A lot of the pleasure here is the joy of wilful stoopidness, which I suspect is rediscovered each generation and will either strike you as an early clue to the new direction or the end of civilisation as we know it. This will largely depend on whether you find the idea of Ben Stiller as a supermodel inherently amusing.

Ben, son of Jerry

While I’m not convinced this is any kind of Golden Age of Comedy, I feel more enthusiastic about stuff like ZOOLANDER and especially ANCHORMAN, and also Judd Apatow’s stuff than I have about any modern U.S. film comedy in a while. It may not be “great cinema” but it’s bloody funny at times. I wish the film-making had more elegance to match the writing and playing, and I wish there were somebody who could construct complex visual gag sequences with clarity and style. But we seem to be getting two or three very funny films a year — pretty bad compared to the ’40s, but pretty good compared to most of the ’90s.

But then, I’m perhaps in a minority since I also thought Ben Stiller’s THE CABLE GUY was pretty good. And kind of intense.

8 Responses to “Euphoria #49: “I’m SO tired!””

  1. Ulan Bator Says:

    Good call re: Cable Guy. A surprisingly subversive idea wrapped up in some of Carrey’s best gurning to date. And isn’t Broderick a superb straight man?

  2. Ulan Bator Says:

    BTW, my vote from all of the current round of Ferrell/SNL movies goes to the sublimely stupid Anchorman and here’s one of the many great moments:

  3. I like “milk was a bad choice” and Fiona nominates “jazz flute is for little fairy boys” and “you’ve reduced me to RUBBLE!” with the observation that nearly every moment in the film hits the nail on the head, happiness-wise.

    Matthew Broderick? Election. Say no more.

  4. I adore adore Dodgeball ! now my secret is out….

  5. RE: Will Ferrell’s recent visit to Ireland including a stay in my hometown of Longford.. Aw yeah..
    Apparently when he came out on stage in UCD he spotted a disabled student in the front row and screamed “I thought I said no WHEELCHAIRS!!”.
    I’m particularly fond of his response to the aroma that is ‘Sex Panther’.

  6. Oh, the whole Sex Panther things is outstanding.

    I gave up on Dodgeball on TV but then somebody told me it really kicks in after the first half hour.

  7. A) Dodgeball does kick in.
    B) It’s never quite an Anchorman
    C) Zoolander is an incredibly unloved movie because it came out just after 9/11
    D) Cable Guy never got loved because Carey was pure knockabout comedy before, and this was a massive departure. Cable Guy is right up there for the moment where he starts singing the mission impossible theme as he’s climbing the satellite dish.
    E) I don’t know why I broke out the alphabetblocks

  8. A) The letters are GOOD
    B) Cable Guy has a fair bit of malaise to it and I guess nobody was expecting that.
    C) The Star Trek fight is impressive!
    D) See (A)

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