Euphoria #48: Trailer Trash

With the Maharishi dead, mankind’s only hope lies in this collection of happy-making movie moments we’re assembling here. 

Can a movie trailer be euphoric? Attend the tale of David K: 

“Hello. Unlike Simon I’m one of Graham Linehan’s slackjawed blow ins. But I stuck around. You know, for the ambience.

Might I dare to be bold enough to tie together two recent treads in Cinema Euphoria and films one hasn’t seen. No doubt it has been pointed out here and elsewhere just how pisspoor trailers have become of late. But the other night before Juno I had to sit through the following two monstrosities…”

I sunk further and further into my seat as my mind slowly transformed into Michael Douglas’ from Falling Down. 27 Dresses and The Accidental Husband. Back to Back! Why?”

But then came my Euphoric moment. I haven’t seen the film (you see-not just rambling). It could be awful. Both Gondry and Jack Black can be seriously hit and miss. But the trailer was so simple and downright uplifting that it saved me from a deep despair.”

Does that count as a legitimate dcairns Cinema Euphoria? Or am I disqualified?”

Well, we do pride ourselves on our ambiance here at Shadowplay. We have it specially imported by the yard, from Portugal.

I sympathise with anybody who gets mugged by unwelcome trailers — my friend Robert, taken as a tiny child to see, I think, BAMBI, was traumatised not, as he should have been, by the death of the little deer’s mommy, but by trailers for Ken Russell’s TOMMY and Cronenberg’s SHIVERS. He didn’t go to the cinema for about ten years. I hope that puts your Colin Firth trauma in perspective.

(I can remember, as a mere tot, seeing GOODBYE EMMANUELLE trailed in front of a Bond film or something, but it was just shots of beachfront property. And a V.O. saying “Due to the explicit nature of this film we are unable to show you any more scenes,” and all the dads in the audience went “Awww!” I also recall the line, “Emmanuelle says Goodbye to the island she has loved…THE ONLY WAY SHE KNOWS HOW!” By shagging it, presumably.)

Is BE KIND REWIND going to be good? The trailer gives us rather a lot of the plot. What we see is cute. The actors are appealing — Jack Black usually manages to do something funny and Mos Def has an otherworldly charm about him that made his casting in THE HITCH-HIKER’S GUIDE TO TO THE GALAXY one of the smarter things about that film, at least potentially. The trailer stops short of spelling out the whole second act, and so if there’s an area of weakness it may be structural — I’m not sure I’ve been entirelyconvinced by the story sense of any Gondry film yet, though of course his visual sense is excellent.

clocking off

(Actually, SCIENCE OF SLEEP is sitting here, still to be watched. I know not what I say, half the time.)

I really must get around to publically deploring the current state of the romantic comedy in detail, although I think there’s some slight cause for hope there. And to be even-handed about it, I’ll have to balance it by admitting the serious ailments displayed by the more “masculine” genre films. But that’s for another day.

5 Responses to “Euphoria #48: Trailer Trash”

  1. Actually, a far bigger problem than trailers, which I often enjoy, are the THREATS.

    When you see a movie at the cinema, there is a warning not to video it.

    When you watch a DVD, it begins by threatening you not to copy it.

    I don’t think that’s a good way to treat paying customers.

  2. Be Kind Rewind.

    Saw it in a packed cinema.

    With almost no-one laughing.

    I was swayed by The Science Of Sleep’s quirky charms.

    But this…..

    Nice imagery as ever, but oh dear.

  3. Oh dear indeed! And hats off to the trailer editor, if that be true.

    My favourite bit is “Our version’s better<” “Our version’s only twenty minutes” and that’s clearly two lines from separate bits stapled together to make a good joke…

  4. […] when kids going to see Disney cartoons could be subjected to trailers for any old filth. I already blogged about my childhood encounter with GOODBYE EMMANUELLE, and my friend Robert’s viewing of […]

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