Quote of the Day: On self-shaking bed.

oh Richard how could you? 

‘Peter, an archeological research participant shivers finding out a strange medallion in a mysterious cave. It forms into a beautiful girl but an evil Haggia. He gets hold of Sherry’s body and in a wild and animalistic way starts lovegame with her in a rough manner. Sherry realises it was wonderful as he had never made love to her like that. He starts killing, resulting with the involvement of the police. The Bishop’s help was sought after to perform the right of Exorcism. Haggia, naked on self-shaking bed, laughing horribly, shouting insults and curses, tries to kill the Monk who at last manages to tie up the damned soul. He takes the crucifix, presses and pours into the mouth of the being resulting in the vomiting of a filthy and horrible liquid.’


I swear to G*dard, these are the actual sleeve notes from an old VHS of EXORCIST III, in reality an Italian knock-off entitled UN URLO NELLE TENEBRE, and no relation to the real EXORCIST III made some years later by William Peter Blatty (which is rather good).

“Sounds great, honey, let’s rent THAT!”

So, if you don’t speak English real good and you have no idea how to write… why not get a job writing video blurbs?

Hysteria aside — this was a sad note for Richard Conte to end on. Aging actors, please be more careful! Remember the wise advice of John Carradine to his sons: “Never do anything you wouldn’t be caught dead doing.”

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