Quote of the Day: Mr. Dog

 when the moon hits your eye

The film is Frank Borzage’s sublime MOONRISE (1948). The actors, reading from left to right, are Rex Ingram (divine gravitas), as Mose, and Dane Clark (sensitive, painfully expressive face) as Danny Hawkins.

Sexy Rexy

Danny: “Mister Dog…!” Why you call everything “mister”?

Mose: Isn’t enough dignity in the world.

Great Dane


2 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Mr. Dog”

  1. Borzage takes the intense romanticism of the silent cinema and drags it kicking and screaming into the talkies. Moonrise is his last hurrah.

  2. Absolutely. I think that not only is Moonrise his last great film, it may be his best.

    Though needless to say I haven’t seen them all.

    But there’s something amazing about all this silent movie technique and emotion just EXPLODING out in a 40s film world. It’s even better than Street Angel or Seventh Heaven because it’s so defiant and incongruous.

    A shot from the opening sequence is now the banner for this site.

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